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  Alpha Transparency Photo Maker Online.

   Alpha Channel Colour Schemes.
  Off the air bitmap  +    Water wave bitmap  =    Off the air bitmap and Water wave bitmap 3D photo
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  α1 =   Opacity:  + Left-eye  Colour depth: :  Threshold: 

             Gamma correction for (α1):   Left-eye Colour: Left Colour
  α2 =  Opacity:  + Right-eye Colour depth:  Threshold: 

              Gamma correction for (α2):   Right-eye Colour: Right Colour

  The Opacity value controls transparency in each photo for α1 and α2 (.0-.255). 
  The Colour depth controls colour in each photo for α1 and α2
  The Threshold value is used for segmenting objects in each photo for α1 and α2 (.0 -.255 or 1.0 - 255.0). 
  The Gamma correction value is used for contrast enhancement in each photo for α1 and α2 (.0 -.255). 
  (x) means multiplication. 

   Width:   (x)   Height: 

  Sample sizes ...
  Change Opacity, Threshold and Gamma values after choosing one of the sample sizes.
  320x240  320x480  480x272  480x800  640x480  640x960  600x1024  800x480  800x600  800x960
  Facebook Cover Photo  Facebook Profile Photo  Facebook Post Photo  Facebook Shared Link Photo
  Facebook Tab Photo  960x640  960x864  1024x600  1024x768  1024x1024  1152x864  1280x720
  1280x768  1280x800  1280x960  1280x1024  1366x768  1440x900  1440x1050  1600x900 
  1600x1200  1680x1050  1920x1080  1920x1200  2560x1024  2560x1440  2560x1600 

  α1 =  Paste the URL to an photo or Upload for left-eye
  URL:  Or Disk: 
  α2 =  Paste the URL to an photo or Upload for right-eye
  URL:  Or Disk: 

  Choose photo source direction: 

   Result of algorithm : α1 × α2 = M.

   Uploading can take 1 minute to 3 minutes to process thru the algorithm.

     x   Your photo should be in .jpg format not exceed 2MBytes per photo in filesize.


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